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enVogue USA

Welcome to enVogue USA - Gel Nail System

Our resin products are made from selected, high purity, dental grade raw materials, mostly imported from Europe. We take pride in our product. It is second to none in the world, with consistent manufacturing and dependable quality control.

With products by en Vogue the nail technician can provide premium, top-of-the-line service without annoying odours or using any harsh chemicals for application or removal.

en Vogue is committed to meeting the highest expectations of you, the nail tech – our customer, as well as your clientele.

Use genuine en Vogue UV gels and become part of the dedicated group of nail techs that represent excellence in the nail industry.

NEW AT en Vogue. WE NOW OFFER RefectoCil products

Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow tints have been proven and recognised due to millions of seccessful application as the leading product for more than 60 years. 

The wide assortment covers 10 colors as well as many practical accessories for the user, thereby making the Refectocil product range the perfect system for Professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting. 

The color lasts up to 6 weeks. During this period new eyelashes and eyebrows grow and should be tinted again. The best results are achieved when applying the tint regularly, because with each tint application the color will penetrate deeply into the eyelashes leaving them intensely and durably colored.


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